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For Hometown Girls -- rating: pg-13 -- length: 16k -- "So he must’ve wanted Willow when he’d been alive. But not like this, not with this aching longing. He hadn’t wanted to taste her, to touch her, to demoralize her and debase her, to own her and to love her."

(This is Not) the Ballad of John and Yoko -- rating: pg-13 -- length: 20k -- Giles twists and turns in his waking and sleeping, remembers, hopes, and gives up for good what he could never have had.

A Teeny Tiny Temporal Fold -- rating: nc-17 -- length: 60k -- A botched spell sends Willow back in time to the seventies, so she seeks out one of the only living people she knows.

Prayers -- rating: r -- length: 24k -- Willow calls out to Giles, but both of them end up learning something.

Worrywarts -- rating: pg -- length: 8k -- Willow is working on her thesis and Giles distracts her.

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Belonging -- rating: pg -- length: 12k -- There's a kiss. And then, a year later, she comes back.

Too Much -- rating: pg-13 -- length: 5k -- The proof of that wine is a little higher than Giles anticipated.

The Shape of Your Heart -- rating: pg -- length: 5k -- At four in the morning, tomorrow's spell circling through her head on a merry-go-round, Willow gives up on sleep.

Life As A Killer -- rating: pg -- length: 6k -- England suits her, he thinks, in a way that California did not.

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Flaming Muse

Through Snow-Covered Glasses -- rating: g -- length: 8k -- Even when one is in a rush on a cold winter night there is time to appreciate beauty.

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What You Won't Do -- rating: gen, g -- length: 5k -- Post-Grave, Willow and Giles in England; the starting steps to recovery.

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Awakening -- rating: r -- length: 7k -- Willow is not going to date that boy.

Dates To Remember -- rating: r -- length: 16k -- Buffy doesn't close the portal.

The Seeing -- rating: r -- length: 11k -- A different 'Homecoming.'

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Lemon Candy and the Marenschadt Text -- rating: pg-13 -- length: 24k -- The Marenschadt contains magic secrets Giles doesn't think Willow's ready for.

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Lies To Children -- rating: g -- length: 12k -- You who are all my life and joy. All my sadness. You who embody my greatest failure.

She Is Pressed Down -- rating: r -- length: 8k -- A Willow/Giles picture.

Willow Weeps -- rating: r -- length: 76k -- She was crying again.

My Life in Red -- rating: r -- length: 17k -- Because Giles has always done what he has to.


The This Will Be Our Year Series -- rating: nc-17 -- length: series -- The life and love of Willow and Giles post-"Chosen."

Little Savage -- rating: nc-17 -- length: 196k -- In an AU S2, Willow and Giles fall in love and embark on a secret affair. Sequel to Back to High School, part of the This Will Be Our Year series.

Wrapped Up in Books -- rating: nc-17 -- length: 232k -- In an AU S3, Willow and Giles continue their affair. Sequel to Little Savage.

Saying It -- rating: nc-17 -- length: 7k -- Willow was naughty. Set during Wrapped Up in Books.

Leave-Taking -- rating: nc-17 -- length: 18k -- In the aftermath of Willow's "Tabula Rasa" spell, things get wild at the Magic Box.

Aftermath -- rating: nc-17 -- length: 24k -- Recent wild times at the Magic Box have lasting and equally wild repercussions. Sequel to Leave-Taking

Touch -- rating: nc-17 -- length: 12k -- No one's touched him.

Seven Virtues -- rating: g -- length: 12k -- Prudence, fortitude, temperance, hope, justice, charity, and faith.

Passiflora caerulea -- rating: r -- length: 8k -- They don't talk about the things they do together at night.

Five Minutes -- rating: r -- length: 12k -- In the Wishverse, Willow wants, takes, and gets maybe a little more than she bargained for.

Midlife -- rating: r -- length: 8k -- Willow doesn't want him to go.

Jane Davitt

Duty and Despair -- rating: pg -- length: 16k -- Willow speaks to Giles after "Doppelgangland."

Switching Sides -- rating: r -- length: 8k -- Role reversal.

Rounded by a Sleep -- rating: pg -- length: 6k -- Willow is in England and her dreams are empty of horror, but at what cost?

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Fantasies of Mesh and Steel -- rating: r -- length: 16k -- After the events of "The Pack," Willow and Giles return to the library to lock up.

Magic and Old Books -- rating: nc-17 -- length: 20k -- Giles helps Willow unlock the mysteries of the scythe.

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K. V. Wylie

Essential Fragility -- rating: r -- length: 72k -- Giles, Willow, and Buffy are the sole survivors of the Mayor's failed ascension.

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Untitled -- rating: pg -- length: 7k -- Willow watches Giles through the years.

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Sophia Jirafe

with the lights out, it's less dangerous -- external link -- rating: nc-17 -- Sex, and Willow doesn't get away with it.

Axis Mundi -- external link -- rating: pg -- Willow's not such a fast learner after all.

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The Proposition -- rating: pg-13 -- length: 17k -- A morning of research turns into something more.

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First Time -- rating: nc-17 -- length: 36k -- A beginning.

Nothing Like A Prayer -- rating: nc-17 -- length: 28k -- Willow finally understands.

Corpus et Sanguis -- rating: nc-17 -- length: 340k -- A vengeful spell leaves Giles in a condition he never imagined he'd be in, and changes his life completely.

Needs -- rating: pg -- length: 6k -- It's about needs. Hers... and his.

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Philos -- rating: g -- length: 8k -- They speak not only of cabbages and kings.

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Winter Baby

Volcanoes Melt You Down -- rating: r -- length: 32k -- Willow questions her sexuality. Again.

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