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Welcome to Bright Minds and Dark Magics, the official Willow/Giles zone for the BtVS Writers's Guild, and a home for Buffy the Vampire Slayer's most unfairly neglected pairing: Rupert Giles and Willow Rosenberg, two brainy types who've had run-ins with the blacker side of magic, and who are totally made for each other.

Ok, we admit it. We are here to seduce you. To woo you with the joy that is this pairing. If you've never before written this pairing or even read it, we want you to leave this site with a burning desire to read more Willow/Giles fic, and, more importantly, to write more Willow/Giles fic. And, if you are already on the bandwagon and ready to jump in and start writing, we want to to help you do that.

Our Resources

First up, for the writer who's raring to go but just needs that little spark of inspiration, we have Challenges.

If you need a little more information, we have Essays on the characters and the pairing, and also Links to resources for writing Buffy fic and for writing fanfic in general.

If what you want to know isn't there, try posing the question on our Discussion forum, a LiveJournal community that also announces site updates.

If you've got the story written, you may want to have it looked over by one of our Beta Readers.

And if the story is finished and reader-ready, we have Links to mailing lists and archives that would be happy to take your fic.

Our Archives

If you're not ready to write your own fic yet, we have a selective Fanfic archive, with some of the best Willow/Giles fic on the net, hand-picked for your reading pleasure.

And, if you're more visually inclined, we have a Fan Art page and a Song Vids page.

We're always looking for more stories. If you have a favorite Willow/Giles fic that you don't see here, please feel free to email us, Gwynnega and Trekker, the suggestion!


4-26-05 -- Added Pendrecarc's "Untitled" to the Fanfic page.

4-18-05 -- Added Ruth's "The Red and The Green: 'Shipping Willow and Giles" to the Essays page. Also added Sophia Jirafe's "Axis Mundi" to the Fanfic page.

4-17-05 -- Added SwingChick's "The Proposition" and Flurblewig's "The Seeing" to the Fanfic page. Also added "Willow and Giles' Guide to Grammar and Style" to the Essays page.

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