Mailing Lists

Willow/Giles Yahoo Group -- A mailing list that focuses on Willow/Giles.

WGUncensored -- Another Willow/Giles mailing list. Smallish now, but it is relatively new.

Willow/Giles Shippers' Journal -- Not a mailing list, but a Willow/Giles-centric LiveJournal community.

willfic -- A list for Willow-centric fanfic.

The Near Her Always Mailing List -- A fanfic-centered mailing list for the site Near Her Always, the Willow Zone of the BtVS Writer's Guild.

AnythingWillowFanfic -- Another list for Willow-centric fanfic.

GilesNaughty -- A list for fanfic based on characters played by Anthony Stewart Head, including Giles.

WatcherGirls -- A discussion and fic list for Giles and Wesley. The list fic archive is here.

TweedyBookGuy -- A very active fic and discussion list that also centers on characters played by Anthony Stewart Head.

Of Demons and Destiny -- A discussion and fic list focusing on Giles, with a large fanfic archive here.

UnConventional relationShipper's List -- A fic list for all unconventional Jossverse pairings, with a very large fanfic archive here.

Willow/Giles Archives

Sweaty Palms -- A Willow/Giles 'shippers archive.

Willow's Guys -- A Willow 'shippers archive that includes a Willow/Giles section.

Tender Hearts and Ravished Souls -- Has a section for Willow/Giles fic here.

Hairy Eyeball -- A Willow/Giles archive. Has a companion LiveJournal community here and a companion Yahoo Group here. Open for submissions.

General Archives

Wish I Could Stay -- The former Giles Zone of the Buffy Writers' Guild. Has a small, selective archive.

Near Her Always -- The Willow Zone of the Buffy Writers' Guild. Has a large Willow archive that includes Willow/Giles stories. Open for submissions.

Buffy Fiction Archive -- A large archive that includes all varieties of Jossverse fic. Open for submissions. -- A massive, multifandom archive. Open for submissions.

HeadQuarters -- A large archive for characters portrayed by Anthony Stewart Head, including Giles. Open for submissions

Bodice Ripper -- Yet another Giles archive. Open for submissions.

Bite Me... Please? -- Another Willow-centric archive. Open for submissions.

The Willow Archive -- What the name says. Open for submissions.

Willow's Lil' Secret -- A very large Willow-centric archive. Open for submissions.

BtVS Resources

I'd Like To Test That Theory -- The Giles Zone of the BtVS Writers' Guild.

Bloody Priceless: The Guild of Giles Writers -- Giles writers resources including a list of archives.

The BtVS Writers' Guild -- A resource site for BtVS fanfic writers.

Map of Giles's Apartment -- Like it says, a map of the lower floor of Giles's apartment, with links to screencaps of various areas. A wonderful resource!

Buffy Episode and Airdates Guide -- For a show like Buffy that runs, more or less, in real time, having a quick reference to the episodes and their air dates in invaluable. Also, this site includes a nice section at the end of each episode summary with neat little facts about the episode.

Buffyverse Dialogue Database -- A mind-blowingly comprehensive collection of quotes organized by everything from character to story arc, and also including massive amounts of character information, like nicknames. -- Episode transcripts! And so much more.

Buffy screencaps by alanna -- Beautiful screencaps from the last four seasons of Buffy.

a buffy screencap site -- More screencaps, from all seven seasons, plus publicity photos and other shiny pretty stuff.

Writing Resources -- Find the right word. Also has a thesaurus.

The American Heritage Book of English Usage -- Grammar is a good thing.

Common Errors In English -- Get your (you're?) their/they're/there's straight.

Latin Dictionary and Grammar Guide -- Has an English to Latin translator, to add a little flavor to spells and old books and such.

English to Latin Translator -- Lets you input a sentence in English and translate it all to Latin.

Mjolnir's Pagan and Wicca Links -- Just what the name says.

Holy Mother Grammatica's Guide To Good Writing -- An excellent fanfic writer's guide.

How To Write Marginally Readable Fanfic -- Ms. Nitpicker's guide to writing fanfic. Excellent advice.

Dr. Merlin's Guide to Fan Fiction -- A nice overview of the dos and don'ts and whys of fanfic writing. This site has gained fame for its Mary Sue Litmus Test.

Bad Fanfic! No Biscuit! -- A humorous site, containing intentionally badly written fanfic produced for amusement and education. All the stories have morals that any writer can learn from.

Fanfic Symposium -- A place to go if you are feeling philosophical about fanfic and why and how we write it.

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