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I'm fairly picky about grammar and characterization. I also tend to send stories back heavily marked-up, but usually mainly with small things. I guess you could say I'm thorough. I prefer not to read exceptionally dark fic in general, so I feel that I don't beta read excessively angsty fic well.


I'm definitely good at grammar and spelling, so will focus on that if there are grammar and spelling issues. But characterization's probably my main focus. I'm not as big a fan of darkfic, but I will read it, and also prefer not to read very long, plot-heavy fics.


I'll read pretty much anything. Probably will look mostly at characterization.

Vicious Wishes

I'll do a bit of everything but my main focus is mostly grammar and characterization. I'll read anything, but I don't really have time for epics, but just ask and I'll take a look at my schedule.

Jane Davitt

I focus on the obvious first; typos, grammar/spelling. Then I go over it and target any sentences that aren't clear and would benefit from rewording. Then a third time to see if as a whole it works. I'm not too fussy about character because we all see them differently but if something is jarringly unlike the Giles/Willow I have in my head, I'll mention it. I'll try and pick out plot details that have people suddenly wearing an item of clothing they lost two paragraphs before and such. I'm happy beta reading any type of fic. Happy, sad, smutty, PG, bring it on.



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