Rating: R
Author's Notes: Spoilers through S7 "Beneath You."
Disclaimer: Joss said to write fanfic!

Passiflora caerulea

They don't talk about the things they do together at night. During the day she goes to her lessons and walks the countryside. He talks to her like a friend, a trusted advisor.

At night his hands, his big body keep her from being obliterated by grief, by guilt.

"Say my name," she whispers urgently as he moves on her.

"Willow," he says. "Willow."

A week before she goes back to Sunnydale, terror seizes her, and she sinks to the ground. His hands clutch her, steady her. They lie together on the violently green grass.

"I didn't bring you here for this," Giles says. It's the first time either of them has acknowledged this.

"I know," she says, and kisses him.

Afterwards they find they're surrounded by those flowers from Paraguay, a whole field of them.

They lie on their backs, trailing their fingers through the flowers and across each other's bodies. He touches her bright hair and smiles.

The End
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