This Will Be Our Year

The Mutual Admiration Society -- rating: nc-17 -- length: 60k -- While Willow and Giles are putting together the new Council of Watchers, their relationship takes a surprising turn.

Mandrake -- rating: nc-17 -- length: 24k -- Willow and Giles play with some sexy magicks.

What They Dreamed -- rating: nc-17 -- length: 12k -- Willow dreams she and Giles are back in the Magic Box. Giles dreams about Tara.

I Put a Spell on You -- rating: nc-17 -- length: 52k -- Giles considers popping the question.

Kennedy's Wish -- rating: nc-17 -- length: 56k -- Kennedy makes a fateful wish to a vengeance demon, and the post-"Chosen" landscape is altered.

Watch This -- rating: nc-17 -- length: 20k -- Sex and telepathy mix extremely well for Giles and Willow.

She Called Him Giles -- rating: r -- length: drabble -- Mostly she called him Giles, as she had since she was a young girl, but it sounded like every sweet name imaginable.

Signs of Life -- rating: nc-17 -- length: 28k -- Willow and Giles do a spell to revisit Willow's Doppelgangland alter ego.

Back to High School -- rating: nc-17 -- length: 100k -- Willow knew Giles loved her. But somewhere inside her, that girl cowered - the girl no one wanted.

Contentment -- rating: nc-17 -- length: 9k -- Giles's and Willow's little girl likes scary stories.

The End
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