Willow/Giles subtext (and some genuine text) by episode:

Season One:

Welcome to the Hellmouth: Giles and Willow have met, prior to the beginning of the series. Willow is the only student who uses the library, and she seems to have gotten to know him fairly well. She launches into a highly enthusiatic account of him when Buffy asks her about the library. Later, Giles recognizes Willow when she’s talking to the vampire in the Bronze and is quite distressed, in a personal way.

The Harvest: Giles leans over Willow’s shoulder while she’s at the computer, *completely* violating the six-inches-rule. Willow saves Giles from Darla during the final fight by tossing some holy water on her.

The Pack: One of those episodes where you really notice how little respect Giles and Willow have for each other’s personal space. They’re always bumping into each other. And then there’s the part where she runs into his arms. Also note, that he’s actually holding her *closer* than he held Jenny, an acknowledged love interest, in a similar situation in a later episode.

I Robot, You Jane: Willow has a photo of herself and Giles hanging in her locker, which is a classic sign of teenaged love.

The Puppet Show: They sit together in very romantic and intimate lighting while researching in the stacks.

Prophecy Girl: Willow is jealous of Jenny Calendar, and asks why *she’s* in the group. And also, Jenny? Magic-inclined computer person? Wow, that sounds a whole lot like Willow to me.

Season Two:

Halloween: Oh, yeah. Giles and Willow’s costume? Uh huh. He was looking, dude. And, since he appears in this episode... Oz? Quiet, really smart guy? Plays guitar? Wow, sounds a lot like Giles.

The Dark Age: Willow is the only one of the Scoobies who believes, prior to the Eyghon mess, that Giles may have been restless as a kid, which is just one example of how she is always able to see him as a person, and a friend, when the other Scoobies just see him as a grown-up.

I Only Have Eyes For You: They touch each other like *crazy* in the scene on the stairs. And, when he pulls her out of the whirlpool vortex thingy, they roll down the stairs and he lands right on top of her. Which is kinda like what happened with Willow and Tara in Tabula Rasa, actually.

Season Three:

Anne: Giles tells Willow he would “take it very much amiss” were she to get killed. Aww!

Faith, Hope, And Trick: When Faith makes her “young and cute” comment, Xander and Buffy react with “eww,” while Willow just smiles.

Doppelgangland: Giles’s reaction to Willow’s supposed death, and more importantly, his reaction to finding out she’s NOT dead. That *hug*. Plus, later, when she’s in the VampWillow outfit, and looks down at her chest and says “Whoa, look at those,” he does. And continues to. And is in fact, driven quite nearly to distraction.

Choices: Willow flirts with Giles, much like Ms. Calendar used to, while teasing him with information about the books of Ascension. Buffy deems her very "suave".

Season Four:

Pangs: Giles and Willow fight. Like an old married couple. It had to be said.

Hush: Ok, who on earth *doesn’t* swoon from the cuteness when Willow writes “Hi, Giles” on her little message board and then he hugs her?

Where The Wild Things Are: Willow on Giles singing at the Espresso Pump: “Wow.” “You gotta admit, he’s kinda sexy.” “Now I remember why I had such a crush on him.”

Yoko Factor: On learning that Tara is actually Willow’s girlfriend, a drunken Giles says, loudly and with great emphasis,“Bloody HELL.” Need I say more?

Restless: In Giles’s dream, Willow calls him “Rupert,” which, in spite of the fact that Joss has said this epsiode means nothing, I believe means, again, that he sees her as more of an equal. That he feels that he is on the most familiar terms with her, out of all the others.

Season Five:

Buffy Vs Dracula: Willow is the person Giles chooses to confide in about possibly leaving. Willow then spends the whole episode trying desperately to convince him not to leave.

Season Six:

Bargaining, pt 1: Willow and Giles’s goodbyes at the airport. Clearly, they have a very, very deep connection. “Willow... there are no words...” ::happy sigh:: I think the only reason she handled it as well as she did is she knew that he’d have to come back for Buffy right away.

Flooded: The fight in the kitchen. Giles is so disappointed, because he *trusted* her. And then there’s the whole intense-gazing thing. Mmmmmm...

Grave: First of all. SEX. U. AL. TEN. SION. They weren’t fighting, they were having violent, wild magic-sex, as opposed to the warm and fuzzy magic-sex that Willow and Tara used to have in season four. And when Willow takes his magic? Yeah. Ok. That was an orgasm. Yes, it was. Also, Giles comes back to Sunnydale fully expecting to *die* for Willow. And he’s ok with that, because she’s worth it to him.

Season Seven:

Lessons: She’s been living with him, all summer. And they touch each other a lot in those two scenes. And gaze into each other’s eyes.

Beneath You: Giles kneels in front of Willow with his hands resting on her knees as he speaks to her. It’s a *very* intimate posistion. Especially with the whole soft voice, eye-contact thing.

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